For over 30 years NHI at Houston has aimed to serve the leadership needs of youth throughout the Greater Houston region.  Our mission and purpose are to engage high school youth in critical learning experiences that further their capacities in self-inquiry and introspection. Through our efforts, we endeavor to strengthen their resolve to compete and succeed at the highest possible levels with their peers, all while making leadership training and community service integral to their development. This aim and purpose are driven by the belief and view that changing the way young Latinos think and perceive themselves are crucial, life-transforming lessons that eventually inspire the change of entire communities.


The initial focus of National Hispanic Institute at Houston is to provide a forum for young people to create content-rich arguments, communicate them through powerful, eloquent expression, and carefully analyze the arguments presented by their peers.  The key component of the success of this program is that it is entirely staffed and operated by volunteer high school students.  Our deepest held belief is that young people push themselves to their fullest potential when their peers who serve as mentors, instructors and role models guide them.


"We want our young people to be inspired by who they are and see the asset value of their culture."

                                                                                     -Ernesto Nieto, Founder/President of the National Hispanic Institute

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